First Dandelion of Spring 🌼 in March?!

Been a year since Barber Bob closed the MGEX Barbershop 💈 and fun to see the Media blitz we got. But mothballing the site to the old WordPress morgue on anniversary tomorrow.

Vernal Equinox sunset over East Lake Street, Minneapolis.

Tulips sprouting almost a month early this year.

Tulip sprouts

Michele’s Avocado Toast

Month old carnations in the window

All the Little Free Library books were taken overnight. Happens once a year somehow. My faith in humanity is dinged, while my hope for literacy carries on. Libraries forever!

1,000 Books served at our Longfellow Villa Little Free Library since 2002. Thanks to neighbors who share & read. Books logged with Library Thing displayed on site at Longfellow.Life

Cast iron skillet Cornbread, for some hot chili on a chill November eve.


Finally finished transferring domains out of Google before migration to Squarespace. Porkbun has been handy to use as a new registrar, especially the External Domain feature to set up DNS before transfer to eliminate any downtime or anomalies. Porkbun was recommended here on Thanks!


Buttermilk biscuits and cinnamon crunch cookie from dough scraps. Now open the Apple Butter from Whistling Well Orchard.


Walk me out in the morning dew.


Didn’t realize how much I depend on LibraryThing on a daily basis until I couldn’t scan my Little Free Library additions yesterday. Why a DDOS attack against them??? They’re back up today, and we’ve now logged 927 books over 1-1/2 years.…


Wall of Morning Glories


Giant Jamaica Flower blooms on Hibiscus plant

Thick honeysuckle bushes at Lake Independence in Baker Park Reserve.

Pasta Salad today, yesterday, and tomorrow. It’s really summer.

We have a robin nesting at our garage.

Maiden of Minehaha Falls

Baking biscuits for Brunch. To be topped with Asparagus & Avgolemono sauce.

Art in Bloom at Minneapolis Institute of Art has over 100 floral displays, each paired with an inspiring artwork.

Attended the Center for Photographic Studies on Main Street in Louisville a few blocks from the Old National Bank, site of a tragic mass shooting yesterday. Documented club & street life on the funky old West Main strip way back in 1975. So sad, we must change.

8-1/2 inches fresh snow this morning in Minneapolis.

Reviving Help Desk service on my indie web & publishing consulting biz to manage client email threads & workflow. Freemium SASS solutions abound all the way up to Atlassian Jira, a massive platform. Instead, opting to own data & massage GPL code with solid WordPress plugin WSDesk by ELEX.

Feels like Spring 🌼