Baking biscuits for Brunch. To be topped with Asparagus & Avgolemono sauce.

Art in Bloom at Minneapolis Institute of Art has over 100 floral displays, each paired with an inspiring artwork.

Attended the Center for Photographic Studies on Main Street in Louisville a few blocks from the Old National Bank, site of a tragic mass shooting yesterday. Documented club & street life on the funky old West Main strip way back in 1975. So sad, we must change.

8-1/2 inches fresh snow this morning in Minneapolis.

Reviving Help Desk service on my indie web & publishing consulting biz to manage client email threads & workflow. Freemium SASS solutions abound all the way up to Atlassian Jira, a massive platform. Instead, opting to own data & massage GPL code with solid WordPress plugin WSDesk by ELEX.

Feels like Spring 🌼


Barber Bob trending on local news in Minneapolis, with our targeted press campaign by Word & Image. Got several TV news stories, a radio story, and several online news stories. Too bad it celebrates the closing of a 120-year-old historic institution.

Grain Exchange Barbershop | Media | in the News

Grain Exchange Barbershop web page | Media | In the News with header photo of a barber with shears in a barbershop

It looks kinda Secure with just a tiny lock (not really), but a big mail slot on the side allows an arm to reach in.

March Photoblogging Challenge Day 1 #mbmar

Old wooden hatch with brass doorknob and padlock

So today someone left a bunch of crappy opened artificial flavor gift tea boxes in our Little Free Library. Really??? Time for a reminder sign, that our library is for books. 📚

Finally moved the last domain out of SiteGround, after moving all websites out last year. They were a good cheap semi-managed WordPress host years ago. Now it’s clumsy, limited and costlier. Happily using affordable Cloudways with automated containers.

Finished reading: Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein 📚 But didn’t finish…as many have reviewed, the pulp dialog, sexist bent, and lack of characters had me put this down after trying to engage.

Daily photo of Little Free Library box to update my LibraryThing collection for status of books available or gone. Some 600 titles logged for 2022. Tiny HTML/CSS/JS site embeds current LibraryThing shelf plus a local Tweet feed. Longfellow.Life

Ice in Bloom at Minneapolis Art Institute

Ice Sculpture of Disc on pedestal

Happy to announce I’ve launched my as a subdomain on a new project (using the Custom Domain seting), before I even start the project website. Oh, and need to customize my design.


Blog first!

Blah Blah Blah TLDR…later…

Taylor Swift Tickets: PROBLEM Google Search Ads: PROBLEM Misfiled Govt Docs: PROBLEM

Ex-POTUS Conspires Election Fraud: no prob… Ex-POTUS Conspires Sedition: no prob… Postmaster hopes to dismantle USPS: no prob…

Baked buttermilk biscuits & pinwheels for Saturday breakfast. Frosted too on a frosty Minnesota morning.

This week I completed a new web hosting setup on Cloudways for my pro platform. Working nicely for PHP CMS projects & plain-jane HTML/CSS/JS so far. Fully featured, solid UI, and very flexible in many ways. Especially enjoy precision STAGING!

Wordle 569 2/6

⬛⬛🟨⬛🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

Fourth day waking to snow in Minnesota.

Currently reading: The Wandering Earth by Cixin Liu 📚

Currently reading: The Wandering Earth by Cixin Liu 📚 Enjoying these mind-bending sci-fi stories, imagining worlds that if could happen…

Cooking Tip

Made biscuits and gravy for brunch this morning. The biscuits always bake perfectly fluffy and flaky with these four things in any recipe:

  • Buttermilk

  • Frozen Butter

  • Fold don’t Knead

  • Cast Iron

    I do use cast iron pots and pans for most cooking. Good buttermilk is a must for fluff. Just keep a stick of butter in the freezer to grate as called for in any recipe for flaky texture. And, biscuit dough just needs to be folded for dropping or roll-and-cut, as I do.

Visited a few Holiday Markets today. Finding beautiful, affordale Arts & Crafts meeting the makers and supporting the host organizations. Cards to send, art to hang or gift, household crafts to cherish, use, and pass to family and friends. 😷 Plus for our household, open-air atriums, taprooms, and church halls are a safe fun way to meet up with folks. 😊

As Twitter goes into death throes, and family photos & food porn continue on Facebook, it’s time to get back to microblogging — thinks Skarjune.

A year later, no progress on some replacement for connecting with real friends in Social Media beyond Facebook. Haven’t left FB, don’t post, just like family photos. Text messaging is primary mode for family, friends, even business.